200GSM 100% Polyester Dacron Wadding


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200GSM 100% Polyester Dacron Wadding

200Gsm Polyester thermal bonded wadding  Manufactured in Australia.


  • Available in 1-10 Metre pieces 
  • Largest single piece size 10 Metres
  • the width of the wadding is approximately 150cm.
  • Approximately 200 Grams per square metre  or 300 grams per 1 x 1.5 Metres.
  • The Dacron wadding can be used for Quilting, toys, hobbies, furniture cushions or any type of fill or lining. 
  • Please note the width can vary a little (approximately 1cm) and so can the thickness (Approximately 1-3mm) due to the manufacturing process.
  • When being posted the product will come vacuumed , once you open it up it will expand back to normal.